Replica4D magic app

Bend space and time by pulling any object out of Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp. Things jump out of photos and bounce around, trapped inside your phone, then hop into physical, current reality.

Terms of Service

Our Terms of Service

What personal data do you collect? What do you do with it?

Your email address (for password retrieval) and your Facebook profile name (when you join the closed Facebook group). When you create your login we also ask for your name and a desired user name. We keep this on file to help you recover your password or change your login details if you lose access to your original email address. When you authorize a new Replica4D app (just downloaded it and open it for the first time) we record your IP address to protect your user credentials from piracy.

When you enter your user name and password to download an app we set a cookie so that you can come back and download more apps without having to log in again. When you enter your user name and password to open a freshly downloaded app we set a cookie so that you can come back and perform the app without having to log in again. The cookies we set cannot be accessed by third parties and we provide instructions on how to delete those cookies should you choose so.

We don't sell, rent, or make any of this data available to anyone.

Terms of Service

Do with Replica4D what you want as long as it entertains, not harms. Depending on where you are you might have to get clearing to use brand assets (like performing with "Facebook" on TV). It's your job to do that, not ours.

You are fully authorized to perform Replica4D anywhere you want to. This includes TV, stage, and the internet. We'd love it if you sent us a quick message/link so we can be proud, but it's not a requirement. We won't brag or link to your performance using Replica4D unless it's OK with you.

You can install many copies of Replica4D on your own devices, maybe a spectator's device but not on other people's device so as to "gift them" the app: That would be stealing. If we suspect theft we block your account.

The images and words you put inside your Replica4D apps stay on your device and never reach our servers; We don't see what you put in there. If you put nasty and illegal stuff there, then show it to people, it'll become our problem because we enabled you, one might argue. We'll block you.

If you expose the methods of this app publicly, you will make thousands of hard working magicians very angry. We'll block you and take nasty action.

If you steal image assets (included in the app or available in our community pages) you will infringe on our copyrights and we'll take you to court.

If you steal "ideas", the "expression" of our inventions, we'll take you down hard and you will wish you had asked for permission and/or obtained a license. Especially if you're an advertising "creative" who passes our invention off as his idea, then peddles it to a fat corporation. When working with Hottrix we learned how to deal with this type quite well. Feel free to Google...

Deep down you know what you may and may not do with Replica4D. If in doubt, just ask us and we will do our best to assist you in completing your endeavor in a legally solid way.