Object to Phone for Ninjas

Meet Replica4D, the most customizable visual magic app on the market. Bend space and time by producing any object from Google, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or your client's website. Things jump out of photos and bounce around, trapped inside your phone, tablet, or computer, then pop into physical reality.


"By far the best object from phone app!" Any object from any app on any phone.

Quick explainer. 24 seconds, 14 cuts.

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iPad version with stunning reflection and parallax perspective. 13 sec.

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TK Jiang
Asia's Got Talent Golden Buzzer Digital Magician

It’s absolutely brilliant! By far the best object from phone app! I just fell in love with this app. Holy Cow. I’m so excited!!!

Josh Janousky
Feature Film Animator, Author, Magic Creator

Replica4D is the best app if you want to make something appear from your phone. The objects look so real and the ability to customize how and where it’s coming from is awesome.

Patrick Kun
TV Magician, Consultant, Inventor, App Creator

The app is freaking amazing. Super smart. It’s so good! The realism and amount of customizability is beyond anything ever made.

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The opposite of a one-trick-pony

Replica4D is a highly customizable app for performers who love to create surprising plots with unusual objects and today's most-touched household item, the smartphone.

  • Objects jump in and out of any app by touch, shake, or hands-off. They turn 3D as they leave an image.
  • Any object: Make perfectly sized, reflective simulated 3D objects from your own photos or hundreds of ours
  • Totally customizable to look like a social media newsfeed, website, or app
  • One-click social media app creation and switching for Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp
  • Turn your own photos into interactive posts or choose from hundreds of pre-made ones
  • Open and close apps while 3D objects persist and react to your command
  • Use iPads and tablets for stage, corporate, commercial, and branding work
  • Download unlimited Replica4D app copies and turn each one into a unique routine with its own app icon
  • No additional cost to use the app on Android, iPhone, iPad, tablet, Mac, PC
  • Integrates with DropBox, iCloud, Google Drive and others
  • In-depth documentation and countless tutorial videos built into the app and available online
  • Universal access: Put Replica4D onto all your devices at no additional cost
  • Multi-OS: Mix and match iPhone, Android, iPad, tablet, Mac, PC at no extra fees

use this app on all your devices at no extra charge

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Objects jump in and out of Instagram

Reach into Instagram and pull objects into the real world. Shake your phone so items become 3D, hop out of photos, and bounce around as if trapped behind the display's glass. Slide them out, shake them out, or let them leap out hands-off. Up to 4 objects can appear simultaneously. They can then each be handled individually for vanishes, transpositions, and animated or timed actions.

Unedited footage. Audio and end title added.

Your Facebook or any other app

Easily customize Replica4D to look like your own Facebook newsfeed or your client's website or app. If Instagram changes its design you will be able to match it without having to wait for an app update. Use our Facebook-, Instagram, and Messenger presets or turn some of your Replica4D app-copies into something else altogether (like Twitter, Email, Messenger, News, Amazon, Google...).

Tell your own story

Turn your own photos into interactive posts that change at your command. Craft routines that match your style and stories you dream up. Hundreds of pre-made responsive post images are available for free on our community pages. Adding your own photos takes just a few seconds using the built-in camera, your photo roll, iCloud, or DropBox.

Unedited footage. Audio and end title added.

Your own objects

Make ANY object part of your story just by snapping a few pictures; The app turns them into simulated 3D objects that seem to reflect light or shine when tilting the device. Dynamic shadows automatically add to the illusion of depth while sophisticated live-physics make them tumble around the screen, controlled by how you move your phone. Use the built-in objects or items available for free on our community pages or make your own with the Replica4D Engine (free registration via Facebook required). 

Levels of deception

Open and close Instagram proudly because underneath lies a customizable home screen upon which your objects continue to persist. There's even a simulated power-off function (looks best on Android) that makes it appear as if crazy things happen while your phone isn't even switched on.

Learn your way

Replica4D is very simple to use but can be turned into complex routines by using advanced features and a bit of practice. Professional video tutorials and expertly written instructions allow you to learn at your own pace, the way you prefer. 

We teach the routines you see in the commercials and cover advanced manipulation techniques created or adapted for the use with mobile devices. Our community pages let you ask questions, share experiences, and exchange art assets with Replica4D users and our team. Access is reserved to registered app owners.

Unedited footage. Audio and end title added.

Real emotions

A social media app really matters to your audience. It's an indisputably real and familiar place to your spectator; The perfect condition for a performer to step in and bend reality without looking like an “app magician”. Other audiences really relate to news sites or shopping apps. Your corporate client is very proud of his own website and the product he's launching; No problem, you have routines and versions for every group of spectators and the environment that matters to them most.

Replica replicates itself

True to its name, you can replicate Replica4D to create uniquely different app versions and store them right on your home screen. This way you can switch routines and stories at moment's notice. Brilliant for strolling gigs with a wide range of audience demographics.

Replica4D comes with unlimited licenses for all your Android and iPhones. You can download an unlimited amount of apps and turn them into hundreds of separate custom routines.

Safe from prying eyes

Replica4D is not on the App Store. This keeps curious audiences and exposure video "creators" in the dark. Using state-of-the-art PWA technology you can download Replica 4D from our website onto all your devices and make duplicates with different effects.

If you're an audience management hero or a pre-show god you can even install a Replica4D onto a spectator's phone. You'll have to delete the app after performing, so you better be smooth...

Unedited footage. Audio and end title added.

No Internet required

Made for professionals, the app works offline despite giving the appearance of loading content from the web or connecting to a carrier. You only need a consistent connection when installing or authorizing the app (on launch) and to watch the included tutorial videos. Once the app is open it can go into the background and brought forward when needed without the requirement of internet.

What the experts are saying

Replica4D is "App of the month" and gets the unbelievably rare 300% rating by David, Wayne, and Sean along with the very quotable: "As magic apps go I don’t think it gets any better than this! I have to give this 100%." -David Penn, Wizard Magic Review. Watch more expert reviews and watch user-videos.

Screen recording of Wizard Product Review. Link to source.

10 years in the making

The astounding attention to detail in Replica4D can be explained by the staggering 10 years it took for this app to be completed. We presented an early version at Magic Live! in 2009 and kept at it despite the "clones" that appeared shortly thereafter. We think it was worth the extra decade.

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