Object to Phone for Ninjas

Meet Replica4D, the most customizable visual magic app on the market. Bend space and time by producing any object from Google, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or your client's website. Things jump out of photos and bounce around, trapped inside your phone, tablet, or computer, then pop into physical reality.


This is what the experts and users of Replica4D are saying.

TK Jiang
Asia's Got Talent Golden Buzzer Digital Magician

It’s absolutely brilliant! By far the best object from phone app! I just fell in love with this app. Holy Cow. I’m so excited!!!

Josh Janousky
Feature Film Animator, Author, Magic Creator

Replica4D is the best app if you want to make something appear from your phone. The objects look so real and the ability to customize how and where it’s coming from is awesome.

Patrick Kun
TV Magician, Consultant, Inventor, App Creator

The app is freaking amazing. Super smart. It’s so good! The realism and amount of customizability is beyond anything ever made.

Rooster Robertson
Leading UK Digital Magician

I’m loving this app. I love that this app isn’t available on the app store!

Takamitsu Uchida
FISM World Champion Magician

You are genius!!! I’m soooo proud you!^_^. Soooo cool!

Rodney Rey
Leading Corporate Magician, Mentalist

There is a large learning curve ...but it’s worthwhile. Great application! 

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Wizard Magic Review

"As magic apps go I don’t think it gets any better than this! I have to give this 100%." -David Penn, Wizard Magic Review  Replica4D gets the incredibly rare triple 100% rating by David, Wayne, and Sean. It's also "App of the month".

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Real Magic Review

"It looks incredible, it’s great fun, very magical, it’s the magic app for people who aren’t into magic apps" -Steve Faulkner, Real Magic Review

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Roo's Reviews

"Replica4D is the best magic app I've seen." -Rooster Robertson, Roo's Reviews

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