Replica4D magic app

Bend space and time by pulling any object out of Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp. Things jump out of photos and bounce around, trapped inside your phone, then hop into physical, current reality.


Replica Interactive creates immersive, interactive experiences for visual performers using all screen sizes.

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You can access the documentation from within the app by tapping the question mark button at the top left of every interface. You may also consult it from your browser on mobile or desktop by following a secret URL provided within the app. Our documentation is comprehensive in content and learning diversity. Professional instructions in writing, image, and video are provided at no additional cost. No further learning tools are necessary to make full use of our app's core functionality. 


All support is initiated via our Community Pages where you can interact with the creators and other app users. You can also chat with the team via Facebook Messenger. If you prefer not to join our Community Pages you may check the documentation from time to time to see the latest updates based on feedback from the Community. If you need additional assistance you are welcome to book specialized training session (see below Seminars). 


We offer one-on-one training via Skype. Book in-depth sessions for yourself or a group with one of our specialists or a selection of our team by enquiring about details here.

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About us

Our team members met while working with Hottrix, with which they continue to entertain a fruitful and amicable relationship. Meet us at the Community Pages.